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Oh No Ross and Carrie
Ross was born into a family of evangelical Christians and spent a good amount of time in churches of various denominations, singing in choirs, serving as an acolyte, and memorizing lots of scripture. Meanwhile, he busied himself reading books about ghosts, vampires, aliens and chupacabras. In college, while serving as president of a Bible study group, he started attending skeptical lectures and reading science books, coming to the conclusion that he'd been wrong about reality his whole life. While the beliefs went away, his interest in them didn't, and Ross has spent the time since trying to find out why people believe what they do and participating in the Independent Investigations Group, which investigates claims of the paranormal from a scientific viewpoint.

Ross is an accomplished animation professional and has worked on award-winning films including The Princess and the Frog and The Simpsons Movie. You can learn more about Ross at http://rossblocher.com.

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